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  • ABEW - Acid base equilibrium for Windows  v.1.7ABEW - Acid base equilibrium for Windows. - Single acid or base solution. - Salt hydrolysis. - Mixture of acid + base. - Buffer solution. - Acid base titration (polyprotic acids titration). - 26 types of graphics and data table ABEW can calculate ...
  • UrlPaster Bookmark Manager  v.1.1Do you face the problem : it is more difficult to find a favorite bookmark item from the more and more bookmarks in IE favorites ? Do you feel discourager when faced the empty IE browser favorites after reinstalled system by preventing virus ? Do ...
  • SysInfoTools Base Repair  v.1.1SysInfoTools for OpenOffice Base Recovery tool is most powerful new age Openoffice base recovery tool to repair corrupt or damaged ODB files. Most recovery Service provider use SysInfoTools OpenOffice BASE repair/recovery tool. SysInfoTools for ...
  • HarePoint Knowledge Base for SharePoint  v.1.0HarePoint Knowledge Base is a ready-made solution that provides a full-functionally knowledge management system in your SharePoint environment. The product is compatible with Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and 2013.
  • Consolidate-debt-bookmark  v.1.05Let visitors bookmark your site with just 1 click ...
  • Social Bookmark Script  v.1.3With this full featured php social bookmark script you can run your own portal.
  • Plant Base  v.1.6.1Plant Base is intended to be a straightforward plant information encyclopedia and all its features are focused on this.
  • WinTitration. Acid base titration curve  v.1.1WinTitration - Acid base titration with pH curve and color indicator variation ...
  • ProProfs Knowledge Base Software  v.6.3ProProfs Knowledge Base is simple and easy-to-use tool to collect, share and centralize information in the form of documents, videos, images or graphics. It helps employees save time by helping them reduce their time spent on searching information.
  • MS Access Tables To OpenOffice Base Converter Software  v.7.0This software offers a solution to users who want to transfer MS Access tables to OpenOffice Base. This software will handle text fields but not picture and binary fields. By instantly transferring tables, this software will save you hours of time by expo ...
  • PDF Bookmark Print  v.1.19PDF Bookmark Print is an Acrobat plug-in tool for full version of Acrobat Standard / Professional. The tool is used to print specific bookmarks, simple easy tree selection of bookmarks. Search and mark options, print index based on selected bookmarks ...
  • Astrological Data Base Sphinx  v.2.0This software was developed to help licensed astrologists. This data base will also be very helpful for beginners and professionals. It helps one to study more carefully horoscopes and the influence of different planetary configurations on people.
  • Home CD Base  v.1.3Home CD Base is a powerful software solution for you to organize your home CDDVD collection and prevent it from loses. Now you don't have to remember when, what and whom you loan your CD, program will do it for you!
  • Base Feeder for Recipes  v.3.0Google Base is a place where you can easily submit all types of online and offline content, to be included on Google. Base Feeder is utility to help you create and submit your Google Base items in a fraction of the time and effort it takes manually.
  • Quick Number Base Converter  v.1.3Quick Number Base Converter is a small utility application that sits in the windows system tray. When you need to converter between decimal, hex, binary, etc -- just click the icon and the converter pops up. This software is freeware.
  • The Loona Base RTS Demo  v.1.0The Loona Base is an economy strategy game with elements comparable to SimCity. Colonize the moon. There are plenty of levels to play.
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