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Bookmark Toolbar  v.

Bookmark Toolbar is an Internet Explorer toolbar that enables you to search over some popular search engines, search text in the current document, highlight words and also has one pretty and useful feature called "Bookmarks".

Notepad2 Bookmark Edition  v.R4

Notepad2 Bookmark Edition is a modification to Notepad2 that adds bookmark functionality plus some other tweaks and enhancements. Give Notepad2 Bookmark Edition a try to see what it's really capable of!

Consolidate-debt-bookmark  v.1.05

Let visitors bookmark your site with just 1 click

Quick Number Base Converter  v.1.3

Quick Number Base Converter is a small utility application that sits in the windows system tray. When you need to converter between decimal, hex, binary, etc -- just click the icon and the converter pops up. This software is freeware.

Base Jumping Screen sa  v.ver 1.0

Base Jumping Free Screensaver. Photos slideshow. Base Jumping screensaver. This free screensaver contains many pictures of Base Jumping. BASE jumping is a sport involving the use of a parachute or the sequenced use of a wingsuit and parachute to jump

2Go SyncIt Bookmark Manager  v.1.7.0

2Go SyncIt Bookmark Manager can help you automatically or manually synchronize all your browsers bookmarks, and store them in the developers server. 2Go SyncIt is compatible with almost all existing browsers. Just by installing a small client

AbsolutePDF Spool Base  v.1.1

AbsolutePDF Spool Base 1.1 is a rather praiseworthy program that lets your legacy applications generate PDF files without the need for other expensive tools. The process is controlled with a very easy to use graphical user interface. No Adobe Acrobat

Add Bookmark CMM  v.1.4

Add Bookmark enables you to use Control-Click on hypertext links on a web page in Safari, Explorer and iCab and add the link via a Contextual Menu Item command directly to URL Manager Pro, the professional bookmark manager. You can also use

Aiglon Bookmark Explorer  v.1.0

Aiglon Bookmark Explorer is a free tool which you can use to navigate your bookmark in full

Any Base Converter  v.1

Any Base Converter 1 comes as an extremely proper software which assists in converting 8-bit to 1024-bit integer between bases 2 through 36.Major Features: Support 8-bit to 2048-bit integer.Convert integer between bases 2 through 36.Perform

Base Converter  v.1.00

Base Converter is a simple application which converts numbers between three different bases - Hexadecimal, Decimal and Binary. Values upto 64 bits can be converted, which is not possible with the standard Windows Calculator application. Just type the

Bookmark Previews  v.0.74

Bookmark Previews adds an album view (like cover flow) and a thumbnail view (with drag and drop), this extension also adds previews to the tooltips in the bookmarks sidebar. Just hover over a bookmark in the sidebar to see the previews. In Firefox 3

Circle Social Bookmark Icons for Linux -

The Circle Social Bookmark Icons for Linux - is one of the Dirceu Veiga's selection of the most beautiful icons. The program includes 10 freeware "circular" icons of Web 2 Social Bookmarks which you can use for your blogs, websites, desktops,

Free Number Base Converter  v.2.0

The Number Base converter is a tool which converts numbers from one base to another such as binary,decimal,hex,octal. Free Number Base Converter is quite simple so even if you are a beginner you can use it without any

Little Bookmark Box for Mac OS  v.1.0.4

Easily store and manage interesting links while surfing in the World Wide Web. You have all your bookmarks, saved and smartly organized, side by side with your browser. - Smart Boxes to automatically find and organize your bookmarks. - All your

Simple Bookmark  v.1.0

Simple Bookmark converts your collection of Internet Explorer favorites into a single HTML file, that can be opened by a web browser or even used as a web  v.1.1 is a PHP class that provides the essential functions to manage a bookmark. It provides an (multilingual) administrator interface, and allows the personalization of the bookmark visualization through a simple template

Brokken's Own Base Classes And Templates  v.386

Bobcat is an acronym of `Brokken's Own Base Classes And Templates'. It is a shared library implementing C++ classes that are frequently used in software developed by Frank Brokken. All of Frank's C++ programs hosted at SourceForge depend on

AdministraciAln Web de Base de Datos  v.0.4.1

Con este proyecto se pretende tener algo parecido a phpMyAdmin, pero escrito en JSP y que soporte cualquier base de

BASE+  v.1.3.0

BASE+ (Basic Analysis and Security Engine) is based on ACID project. This application provides a web front-end to query and analyze the alerts coming from various IDS systems (e.g.

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